Theta 2020 

Theta Nu Psi Military Fraternity is an organization for past and present service members. So it is fitting that we also incorporate our future members as well. The 2020 program reaches to our youth, it is a program that defines mentoring, development, and educating. As men of Theta Nu Psi we have partnered this program to the ROTC cadets of all branches of service. With the 2020 program we will visit partnered high school ROTC units, aid in training and basic training preparation. It will also act as a part of helping fund the top ROTC cadet in the school who has earned an ROTC scholarship with a cash voucher from the fraternity to be used with their ROTC scholarship. There is no greater joy we have then to mold our future service members. Theta Nu Psi Military Fraternity Inc. prides itself on capitalizing on innovation to meet today’s challenges for tomorrow’s success.

The Warrior’s Program

Theta Nu Psi Military Fraternity’s warriors program is dedicated and driven to support all wounded veterans. In this program we will visit VA hospitals, support the wounded warrior foundation, and assist in any veteran community relations. Each quarter the brothers of the fraternity will gather to honor a hero who has sacrificed it all for the sake of his country and his family. It goes without question that not everyone who wears a uniform is a hero but there is always some special person who rises above it all to ensure safety of his comrades. The warrior’s program will provide chance for the members of the fraternity to spend time with wounded warriors, support in the JUMP FOR LIFE event with the Wounded Wear Foundation. For veterans not in hospitals and have been identified as such, Theta Nu Psi will work with local churches, homes, and thrift stores to help home and cloth any veteran. The warrior’s program will also consist of a veteran’s workshop where we give resources, fundraise, and promote veteran support throughout the local communities to veterans regardless of discharge. Theta Nu Psi is nondiscriminatory fraternity so any men who has served this community deserves support and opportunity.

Golden Standard Program

Theta Nu Psi military fraternity, offers a comprehensive program to our active members. In this program we will help develop our members to not only be great professionally but also in their personal life. This is brotherhood built on diversity and strength. To reach one and teach one, we have developed this program to ensure all members can grow in their careers, schools, and homes. Each member who is crossed into the fraternity will receive access to this program, we will partner with outside sources who will teach members the fine arts of being an all-around man. Theta Nu Psi is an organization where you will continue to receive help and support in any endeavor of your life. As to our motto ‘Strength within My Brothers”.